About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Stamford’s neighborhoods and streets so that they are safe and enjoyable for bicycling, walking, and running.

Why Safer Streets?

It is obvious to anyone who bikes, walks, or runs around town that Stamford is not friendly to pedestrians, bicyclists, or runners. Too many people are killed or horribly injured because of a culture that prioritizes driver convenience over safety. We believe that human lives and the well-being of residents are more important than preserving parking spots or the freedom of drivers to speed down streets.

We support better land use and a street design that reduces car-dependency and promotes walking, running, biking, and transit. A city with less driving is better for the environment (less air pollution / carbon emissions), better for safety, and better for the community, economy, and our neighborhoods.

We advocate for wider sidewalks, protected bicycle/mobility lanes, more crosswalks, and traffic calming measures such as narrower car lanes, curb extensions, pedestrian islands, and automated traffic enforcement (speed cameras). We support development and zoning reform that contribute to walkable neighborhoods, safe streets for walking/biking, and transit use. We oppose car-centric planning and unsafe streetscapes.

Learn More

We put together a reading list to help people understand our mission better! You can also join our mailing list and “Like” us on Facebook to see our updates.

We are looking for people to join us in our mission. Your time commitment can be as low as occasionally writing an email to your local reps. Email info@peoplestamford.org to see how you can get involved!


Join us for our bi-monthly meetings at the Ferguson Library in downtown Stamford to discuss strategy. (Meetings are currently held over Zoom due to the pandemic.) Please email info@peoplestamford.org to be put on our meeting list.